Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little help?

WOW! Look! 2 posts from me in a MONTH! Arn't you shocked? LOL

I need some help from those of you still active in the whole weight loss world. PLEASE link me to people that are active!! Especially those that are re-starting about this time frame. It would be even better if they were over 200. I need some more people that are active to follow.

Also if you all know any Droid apps that you recommend I would love that as well. I just got my first Droid (Droid 3) on a good deal and I want to make the most of it.

My scale is dead. It takes one of those large watch battery types but I haven't looked into what type yet to buy a new one. I do know that fully dressed at work (in heavy flippers) I was 245 ::ducks head::

* flippers are flip flops


  1. Sucks when you finally realize that not only have you fallen off the wagon, but that the wagon kept going and you now have to do a marathon to catch up with it.
    I'll keep my peepers peeled for new follows for you. Sadly I've also sucked at keeping up with blogs. I have a plan for how to change that, too ....


    Visit the blogs of Kenz and BitchCakes and click on the people in the comments. They're active! And many of them are amazing! ;)

  3. I shall have to start a blog....I'm down to 240 from 255 about six weeks ago and just starting out with the gym etc. Any recommendations for software? blogger?


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