Monday, March 2, 2015

Full February

What a weird month February turned out to be.  

We ended up with new critters that were unexpected

My dad visited for a few days

My day spent a few days in the hospital and ICU for a few days after he got home. (He is out and learning his new life. ICU was only for a certain drug he needed that could ONLY be given in ICU in that hospital) 

I reinstated the appointment to have my youngest evaluated for behavior issues. (His teacher has been working with him and giving him a lot of rope. Well now other kids in his class are following his lead. Bad)

I had an online (ends tomorrow) Jamberry party.  They are basically nail polish stickers for your fingers or toes.  

I decided that I was tired of being frumpy.  I did some drastic renovations to my appearance.  :)

AHHMMMAAAZZZIINNGGG what an accidental good angle pic will do to your double chin. LOL


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