Friday, April 3, 2015

Anyone want a gerbil? LOL

Sooo the end of January we got the boys a male gerbil. Two weeks later said male had babies. @@ 

Provided these pictures show in order you can see them as they grow. Ended up with 1 boy and 4 girls. Everyone is separated so no fear of new babies.


  1. They're cute ... are you sure on the sex of the babies? I mean, the mom was supposedly a boy, lol.

    1. The mom came out of a cage marked MALE. I never ever thought to check the sex. LOL It is really easy to sex them at 6-7 days old. Girls have dots where the nipples will be. Boys do not. The boy had a brown spot in his white sploch on his head so it was easy to watch him. Now that he is bigger he is the only one with testicles. Haha

  2. Good set of pictures - they look cute.

    All the best Jan


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