Monday, April 6, 2015

Fudge it! 4/6/15

I have been debating on if I want to do this or not.

What you ask?

On if I want to post what I am eating to hold myself accountable to myself and you.

I normally do not post what I eat because people like to give feedback and there are some things I really don't want to hear it on. Selective hearing you might say.  LOL  All in all my eating really isn't to bad today. Now my drinking?  HORRIBLE!  I know it.  Always has been and likely always will be.

You ready?

20 oz diet coke
Zaxby's Cobb salad with grilled barbacoa chicken and ranch w/ slice of Texas Toast (no crust)
     (chix is from their new salad that I subbed for)
52 oz fountain drink coke zero (not a typo)
3 Starburst jelly beans
Mcdonalds unsweet tea (zero sweetener added)
3 more jelly beans
BBQ'ed meat leftovers from take out on Saturday (food truck that is only open Sat.)  
      Meat from a rib, boneless chicken, and brisket with a condiment cup of their BBQ sauce

I am totally happy with the 6 jellybean thing.  LOL  .  They are so sweet and flavorful that I couldn't mindless eat them even if I wanted to. I  don't even care about the middle. I just like the starburst flavor and these are the red kinds only.

Now I am going to get up and prep for bed and hit the hay in the next 45 minutes if it kills me. I took a nap both Saturday and Sunday early evening. I did sleep both nights but it wasn't the greatest due to said naps. Mr nameless boy gerbil is going to the bathroom for the night. He is a loud little booger.


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