Wednesday, April 8, 2015


My day off was spent sleeping in (love) and cleaning the fridge (ick)

I never said I was an interesting blogger!  LOL


1 Sams Club salted pretzel
1 jenny-o jalepeno and cheese turkey.      burger
1 vine ripened tomato
1 small handful fresh green beans. Some eaten raw and some tender crisp. I think I prefer the raw.
1 Atkins milk chocolate shake.

I just busted my butt trying to get a ink mark out of hubby's white nursing clinicals. That deserves a damn award. He uses those uni ball pens. I even followed their directions and the stupid stain wouldn't budge. Finally after a lot of experimenting I have it mostly faded. Hoping the wash will get the rest out. Hubby has strict instructions not to dry it if stain is still there.

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