Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back to work


Back to work I go in just a day or so. I am waiting on my boss lady to tell me where she needs me to go. I wanted to stay out another week or two but too many fires that my boss needs help putting out.

 I am sad that I will be leaving my little gal but I have no choice. Them silly bills always want to be paid. I am still upset that I missed out on three weeks of leave with her being in NICU but what can you do. At least she finally came out and is a healthy little girl. For now when I am at work she will either be with Daddy or Mama (grandma) so at least that is a plus.

Of course I would feel better about it if my husband actually liked newborns. LOL  He will live with taking care of her but he gets really frustrated when she cries for "no reason". He doesn't understand it could be gas or just plain being overtired. I have a feeling it will be a lot of me walking in the door and him saying "your turn" and just plopping her in my arms. He took care of  B on weekends when I was at work as a newborn so I have faith in him. Then at about a yr he got laid off and became a SAHD. He will be happier once she can interact and tell him why she is upset. We got a while for that though.

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