Saturday, March 19, 2016

Total NICU stay= 18 days

I am so happy to report that my little punkin head is OUT OF NICU JAIL!!!!!

She was sprung on March 14th which was actually her scheduled due date due to me needing a third cesarean. March 17th was her actual due date.  We were going to go with the 14th because 3 out of 4 of us have b-days on the 14th. Her birthday ended up being Feb 19th  :)

She is so beautiful and I still cannot believe that I have a daughter.  She is so very good.  We co-sleep (have with all kids) and she can go 5-6 hours at night already!!  Whoo hoo!  Makes those nights a bit easier with not having to do the constant up/down. Basically the NICU nurses got to deal with those. They were feeding her every 3-4 hours actually. She did a lot of sleeping there. I didn't mind because I figure that would be less traumatic on her than possibly upset and no one able to get to her, Granted this one did have volunteer cuddlers so babies that just wanted to be held could be,

I have lots and lots of pictures but I have to figure out the best way to get off my phone.  I had been using dropbox but it is full.  I guess I could just plug my phone into laptop and grab them that way.

She had her first ped appt on Wednesday.  Little gal has grown an inch and is up almost a pound. Last picture is of her sleeping wearing her first piece of jewelry. My mom got her a personalized name bracelet. It is adorable!  I put it on only for pictures and then took it off of course so no worries.

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