Saturday, December 31, 2016

GOODBYE 2016, Greeting 2017!

The beginning of the year started out great with my little butterball being born. 
Then it got a little rocky but life marched on. Then the shit hit the fan with many family and friends and our road started developing pot holes. 

So far I have smacked some asphalt on the road to try and smooth it out. 

I hope that 2017 is smooth. 

My little pumpkin is 10 months old.  She is such a sweet and happy baby! We are very blessed with this perfect little girl. I am on the computer now but I plan to pop some pictures in here from the blogger app. My boys are 11 and 8. EKKKKK!  

I am back up as far as my weight goes. 

  Day 5  Here of back on track though. I am sticking with my low carb path. It is my preferred path and I KNOW that it works for me. I will still have complex carbs a la sweet potatoes or something but no sugar. 

I did enjoy blogging regularly. Then it got to be a chore. Now I just don't have the time. My posts were always awesome in my head but once I typed them out they just weren't all that.

If your starting your new way of life in 2017.

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  1. How's your fasting (before eating potatoes) and your 2 hour post levels. Regular and Sweet potatoes would have pushed me into weight gain and type 2 diabetes. I know because I measured my glucose at home.

    Onward and I hope that you get to know your glucose readings and stick to foods that keep your LCHF metabolism and progress humming a long. Karen P


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