Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's talk scale numbers

I said I had gained weight. I did not clarify how much though.
When I got pregnant in June of 2015 I was 252.2. I went down some just because that is how I gestate. I ended up dropping more with gestational diabetes. After having her I actually ended up dropping over 40 pounds. I have pictures of 208 on the scale. I feel like I lost the entire time I was at home.
Once I went back to work the scale slowly went up. I felt better because I knew I had lost but I wasn't ready to commit to "being good" again. (We call it being good at work when we are dieting/watching our food) I knew I wanted to not get back up to where I was though.
Those 16's I was wearing while on maternity leave are hanging in the closet.
I ended up finding 2 pairs of 18s hanging out that I have been cycling through. I refuse to open the plastic bin with all my other 18s and 20s that I packed away. REFUSE. I also am feeling very uncomfortable in my shirts. After I lost so much I stocked up on semi form fitting shirts from Target. You know how sometimes slight form fitting looks a heck of a lot better than baggy? Well now the baggy shirts are back out because the form fitting shirts are way to form fitting.
Hence I knew I needed to get my ass in gear. I am a weird one and never start on the normal days everyone else does. I am on day 6 while many others are on day 1.
I feel great about my eating and my choices. 
Highest June 2014.  252.2 (6w pregnant)
Start.     Dec. 2016    238.0
You can see I did finally halt it from going up. After 5 full days and day 2 of period I am already down 3.1 pounds. Of course I am a big believer on first 5 or so being water weight but I will still take it.
Yesterday my older brother and I went to visit our mom. She lives about 2 hours away in Tampa. We took baby oink with us. Here are two pictures of her sweetness sleeping in grandma's arms.

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