Monday, January 30, 2017

Day- I dunno

I am to lazy to go try and figure out what day it is honestly. This happens to me every time I try and be on a plan. I forget what day I am on. But really, as long as I am following my plan (I am) it really doesn't matter what day I am on. I had a few days where I wanted to reach for stuff off plan but honestly there was nothing in the house that would satisfy the want. I tried to ask myself WHY I was feeling so much like straying but honestly no answers came. I did hold out though. Then I realized it was probably lingering stress. (See below)

Heck, I even planned on having a carby meal last Tuesday after a long and stressful day.
Auto pilot steered me away. Monday (1/23) my MIL had a partial hysterectomy. Tuesday morning I got a phone call from aunt that my FIL was taken to (different) hospital by ambulance for possible heart attack. She was going to see MIL as she was excepting FIL at 8am. I was supposed to work but I wasn't locked in a store so I hauled butt to the hospital. Sat with him and they took him for a 2nd CAT scan where they confirmed blood clots in his lungs. He was admitted and given blood thinners to break up the clots. Meanwhile my husband was home with baby girl. His brother and wife arrived at the hospital and we decided both the boys would go to hospital to visit mom and tell her about blood clots. I came home and took over baby duty while the boys went. After a few hours my husband calls and says that his brother and wife went back to dad but he is still with his mom. (The hospitals are 25 miles apart) Turns out blood results came back and he did in fact have a heart attack. Three arteries clogged. One at 90% so they immediately put a stent in that one. He was moved to ICU while they tried to find cause of blood clots. A cousin took baby girl so hubby and I could go up to hospital that night. I totally planned on hitting Chick-fil-a on way home. Auto pilot kicked in and I turned to go the way home. CFA was in opposite direction and I just didn't care enough to turn around.

We picked up MIL on Wednesday and took her to FIL's hospital. Hubby went with her to visit and I couldn't due to baby. I didn't even want to take her into the hospital. So her and I wasted time at Target. I got her birthday presents on clearance and cartwheel. (3 wks away Whaaaaaa!)  She scared the shit out of me. I had travel formula packs but a different kind then normal for her. I only made 4 oz because I didn't know if she would drink it being as water was ice cold from water fountain and different flavor. She guzzled it down and was PISSED that I didn't have more ready. She did that baby scream where they suck in breath and hold it. She held if for so long she was limp. I was ready to start screaming myself but she finally inhaled. Then held it again for a few more seconds then quick breaths. She was dazed for a few seconds, then fine. I was crying in the isle she scared me so much. Once I collected myself I went and made her more formula and all she wanted to do was chew on the nipple. Went to go pick up hubby from hospital and started googling. Turns out it is fairly common. Her lips did not turn blue so that is a good thing. Then I remembered that my husband had a thing as a kid.  My husband was one of those children that if he got mad at you he would hold his breath till he passed out. I wonder if this child will follow in his footsteps.

FIL is now out of hospital and home. He has to go back in three weeks for two more stents.  MIL and FIL are both on limitations though so his sister is moving in to help them.

Day 36- I did the math.  I am down just over 7 pounds.

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