Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 18 over here.

Here I am half way through day 18. My weight isn't dropping like crazy BUT I am OK with that. Down is good no matter how fast.

My mental clarity is amazing though! 

My mental status paired with the beginning of the year organization I am working on for work feel so good! I am just really pleased with myself and how I am finally stepping more firmly into my role after 3 years. 😅
I have had the title but not much authority. I felt the title was more of something to keep me happy.

 In late October I was finally given a certain password within the company that gives me the feeling of authority. I felt like a fraud before. 

Once again, I get caught in the weekday cycle of wanting to blog but not having the mental capacity to write a long post. I did take pictures this week with intentions of sharing.

This is fathead pizza made with fathead pizza dough. I used colby jack so my crust is orange. It was good. I did not follow directions all the way I realized but it was to late to turn back. Initial recipe has you cook 8 min then pop any bubbles and put back in for 10 to 12 I want to say. I only cooked it 8 min because it looked plenty done to me. Although to be honest I had already put on toppings on before I realized it was supposed to go longer anyway.   Attaching a screenshot of the recipe for you. 

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  1. One of these days I'll try a fathead pizza .... with coconut flour instead of almond. I heard earlier that sunflower seed flour is supposed to be a decent substitute for almond as well but I don't know if it can be bought in bulk or if I'd be expected to grind my own damn seeds.


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