Friday, May 10, 2019

Grumpy Girl and good news!

I have been busy (and grumpy) this week. I'm trying to learn how to go from four 10-hours shifts to five 8-hour shifts. I am not used to working five days in a row. Then an employee on store level had a bug Thursday, so I had to go work that store. 12+ hour day between the drive and the 10-hour shift.

I was a wee bit grumpy this morning. I planned on taking back my time today but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I was excited to have the weekend off but I found out this morning I have to cover a store on Sunday. Grrrrrr. I'm just a ball of sunshine today! 

While I was working the store Thursday, I came up with a different way to list my bills that may be a little more understandable for you all. Then today I went and got some fancy highlighters so that it is really easy to read (fingers crossed) I started on the menu for next week too.

I also realized that I'm just going to be in limbo for about 6 months. I have dreams of starting our debt reduction but all bets are off after this next pay period. Then summer break begins. My main goal is to not use our credit cards over the summer. I know I might not have a choice when I run out of saved cash but I will deal with that then. Hubby gets another financial aid disbursement at the end of May that will help with summer slump. A $75 bill will be paid off by Oct and hubby's car will be paid off in December. That will free up some money to snowball. Of course, then those student loans will come a knocking. It is what it is.

Good News

Hubby has officially been named the Girls Cross Country coach at the High School he works at for the new year. He was also asked to be the Distance coach for the Track team too. That will be an extra $3k+ to his income next school year. Not to mention he will graduate with his Bachelor in Dec 2019. The school plans on keeping him in the same class he is in, he will just step up and be the teacher instead of the sidekick.


  1. That is wonderful news for your husband!

  2. Hang on tight through the summer....and the good news is that it sounds like some stuff will ease up in the fall and winter!!! Woohoo!


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