Sunday, May 5, 2019

Simple Swan meal plan- wk 2

I was walking around the house and even outside last night to get those last steps. I did it though! No clue what I am talking about? See my post titled May goals.

The first week of my Simple Swan meal plan was a success!  Yaaas!  Week 1  if you want to check it out!

I have picked the 7 meals for week two. They are based off what we have in the house.
Technically, I have everything but maybe 2 things for the week. Those things will not be needed till Saturday so I have time to work on that. 

You will see that I only list the main meal part. Veggies and or starch are added at the time the meal is made. Those vary on how I feel each day.

I know this may be hard to read in the pictures so I will list the meals underneath.

*All food is either already Keto or easily adaptable to fit a Keto lifestyle*

Menu for this week*:
Sun:  Greek Salad  (leftover lettuce& ham- feta was BOGO when bought last week at Publix)
Mon: Tacos
Tue:   Spaghetti and meat sauce (will brown double meat on Tuesday for prep)
Wed:  Hot Dogs w/chips
Thu:  Mayo Chicken
Fri:    Fish
Sat:   Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole (yes it is misspelled in pic LOL)

*All food is either low carb or will be low carb with tweaks for me*


  1. I like your plan. I usually plan ahead for the week as well.

    1. Thanks! Sunday's meal got changed to smoke sausage and roasted broccoli. I pulled out the lettuce and it was a bit to far gone. I only opened it Thursday but not much I could do about it.

  2. I plan my meals ahead of time too a list of meals (I do two weeks worth at a time) for us to make. It is so much easier to not have to think and worry about what is for dinner. I have the list posted on the fridge like a charm!!!

    1. Yuppers! So far it is good but I know there will be days I don't want X y or z. I will cross that bridge when I come to it again though. LOL

  3. We meal plan a week at a time. I say "we" because my husband does a lot of the cooking so it's easier to plan together.

    Having a plan really makes it a lot easier and helps with the grocery budget.

    1. absolutely! This is a new variation I am trying and so far so good with the exception of the lettuce last night. LOL


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