Sunday, June 2, 2024

Summer update


So much has happened since my last post. Most everything has been good I am just lazy and have not felt motivated to blog.

Let see- I finished my two classes at UWF and ended with a 4.0. I am officially back at the local community college in the program I planned to complete.

I was able to walk on May 9th across the stage for my AA even though I earned it in December. 

I am taking 6 classes for the summer- 5 at a time though as 2 of them are short-term back-to-back classes. I counted up all of the assignments/grades that I will have to complete for my current 5 classes, which is 256. I started classes on May 13, 2024, and as of today, I have already completed 118 of those assignments. Every single class is online using a computer program. Some tasks are super simple and some are more complex. I have been trying to get ahead because of my summer job.

Yup- I am working the entire summer at the school for summer school. We need the extra money for bills so why not? I was worried I was going to be a do-girl again this year but I was able to get access to the program to do what I am supposed to.  

We got a new fridge and stove delivered on Thursday.  Our old one started acting up and wasn't going above 50 degrees. I have one more thing to try but I figured even if it did work I would never trust it again. Our oven stopped working months ago but I didn't want to spend the money. Since we were getting a fridge I figured why not just do both. 

Ok this is the summary.  Maybe I will add more details and pictures in a future post. I just wanted ya'll to know all is well.  I am also completely over not getting that job. I have adjusted my pathway and on to the next thing. 

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