Friday, July 5, 2024


I attempted to post last weekend but it never happened. I wanted to add pictures and it just was not working well so I got annoyed and closed Blogger.

I have a habit of stopping and starting a million times and I wasn't sure if I would keep myself on the straight and narrow. I kinda have, but kinda have not. I did fantastic the first week and I was flying the correct path. The second week I started on a nose dive. I was able to pull back on the throttle and readjust my trajectory though. :)  I started posting on TikTok my eating again and I got behind on posting. I made brownies and then when they were gone I made cookies. My calories were creeping higher and higher and my fruit and veggies were nonexistent. 

You can see what I mean by the RED to the left. The top of the column should be 1700 as that is what I have my calories set at. However, LoseIt takes my activity and gives me extra calories a day. I try not to eat them though. I ate all the calories on Wednesday. I was at like 2700 for the day. I even tracked all my food that day which is how I know what the final damage was. I just wanted what I wanted and I was going to eat it no matter what it did to my calorie count. I was able to turn it around yesterday though and today should be fine as well. It is really day by day as we all know the choices we make daily either help or hinder us. 

Our 21st anniversary was 6/21/24. I decided to start tracking my calories in the middle of the day. I am using Saturday 6/22/24 WI as my new start. You may have noticed the little turtle at the top announcing a loss of 3.2 pounds.  I hope to report another loss tomorrow but my activity Wed may hurt this I am aware. I am trying to stop weighing in daily and start only doing it once per week. Tomorrow will be week two and is my WI day. 

I finished my A term summer class and am now in my B term one. It is financial accounting and it is rather scary. It is an online class so you basically have to teach yourself. Thankfully, I have basic Excel knowledge about formulas and stuff but it is still scary as heck. Hard to believe I already have 1 class done out of 21 towards my BA. It is 21 as I had to take a pre-req class which is one of the ones I am in now. We are over halfway done with the summer term. There are only 8 more days left of working summer school. Once that is over (7/18) we have our vacation planned for 7/22 thru 7/24. We are going on a cruise!  We were able to go for free (room cost) for being in education. We still have to pay for everything else though. I have always been suspicious of cruises and all the extra money that you have to pay with them. I was not shocked when after booking when I already paid for the port fees and taxes to found out that there would be an additional $66 per person for fuel and gratuities and then another $57 for parking at the port. I was a little disappointed though to find out that if we want to get off the ship in the Bahamas and do anything we will have to pay more. The port is an industrial port so you have to pay to travel elsewhere to go to the beach. I was envisioning getting off the ship to being at the beach already. This is another cost to add to the total. I am sure there will be more things. I'm just going to try and roll with the flow though and not freak out. 

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