Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A packing we will go

Our time is almost up here in Louisiana. As soon as I get up from this post I have to start getting our stuff together and packed up tonight.  The boy's boy cousins will be showing up for the last hour we are here to squeeze as much time in as possible before we leave. They will all miss each other a lot. The plan is to leave around 11 am tomorrow to head to AL

Originally we were going to meet family in Mobile for dinner. My dad ended up having to cancel so I decided to change the plan. Rather than make my 70+ yr old aunt and her 80+ yr old husband travel to us we shall travel to them. :) This is the aunt I haven't seen since I was about seven years old. I want to see her house and pictures of the family and what not. After spending a few hours with them we will be heading back into FL to spend the night in a hotel. Then we shall spend a few hours with my dad (grumpy grandpa if your a long time reader) Six or so hours after we leave his house we shall be home.  We will swing by my brother's house on the way home to pick up Maggie. (He is starting to regret agreeing to dog sit I think.   I bought him something with boobs in New Orleans so I am hoping that will make him happy) Return of the rental car on Saturday and then a day with nothing to do.

My fat cells were bigger than my brain tonight when we hit the grocery and I bought naughty stuff I shouldn't have because it was a good deal. It was stuff we don't have back home so that was my excuse. :( Thankfully my brain caught up before I gorged. Now I am not saying I haven't had shit this week but there was no reason for the quantity I bought. Thankfully I am waking up from the vacation mentality. I still have one more meal to get through (Aunt is making supper for us) and then I can go back to my normal veggies/protein. Sure I could have kept that up this vacation but I didn't want to.

The main naughty I wanted to try here was a beignet. Honestly, it wasn't that great to me. Hubby and family loved them though. We had them from the famous Cafe Du Monde.

Lots of cool pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Off to pack now.

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