Saturday, June 22, 2013

We are home!

We got into town about 11 pm last night.

Our trip into Alabama to see my aunt and uncle went wonderfully. Remembered to snap a few pictures before we left thankfully. My mom was there two weeks ago for a surprise visit but she wasn't allowed to take pictures as my aunt had her hair in curlers. Haha  They knew we were coming so we were allowed pictures. :) It was so nice visiting and learning tidbits about my splintered family. My mom and dad moved to Florida when I was young to basically cut the family tree branch- it worked.  I don't even know the names of all of the siblings my parents have. That is not a bad thing though. The family-ectomy was necessary at the time but now we can work on taping that branch back on. The toxic people in the family have all passed on.

Thursday night was spent in a hotel 6 hours north of were we live. Then we spent a few hours with my dad and began the long drive home. We drove out of FL at night with the kids sleeping so it took forever this time with them awake. When we were about a hour from home I had a bright idea. A former boss/friend of ours bought a bar in Gainesville, FL a while back. We hadn't made it up there to see it yet and it was on our way home so we texted him to see if he was there. He was just leaving so we made him stay. LOL  It is a dog friendly sports bar so that made it even better as a stopping place for dinner.

Shameless plug:
Anyone in the Gainesville area? Go check out Gator Tales- It is across from the YMCA.

Picked up Maggie from my brother's house and she was soooo happy to see us. He said she would stare at him and whine and he couldn't figure out what she wanted. Poor thing! We got home and unloaded everything into a big pile in the center of the room. Got all the laundry prepped to wash- we went with the just wash everything we packed approach. LOL

This morning I vacuumed out the rental and thought it looked fine. Took it to turn it in and the rental guy said I needed to take it to have it vacuumed out by a car wash place due to the dog hair. He said it was a $150 cleaning fee if I didn't. UGH!!  The web site said they were pet friendly so I never expected that. Thankfully it was only $5 to have it done at a local car wash. It passed inspection after I took it back. It actually worked out in the long run as we had taken out the hatchback trunk cover and that was still at home on the dining room table. Whoops   So hubby and the kids ran home to get it while I was at the car wash place.

Like most people home from a long vacation we are broke. :/  Thank goodness I paid the bills before we left!  LOL  We picked up Monty and brought him home then hit the grocery store. Got what I could with what I had and we just have to make that last for now. There is plenty in the house because I used to tend to overbuy and I still have lots of rice/pasta mixes which hubby likes. Back to work this week so I got some stuff to tide me over for lunches as well.

Took a two hour nap this evening so I will be hating myself later tonight.  :)  Oh well I have tons of blogs to play catch up on anyway.

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  1. Glad you had a good time and everyone returned home safely!


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