Thursday, June 27, 2013

I suck

In typical fat girl fashion I thought I was strong enough to handle this shit. "I got this!" I said.  Well me thinks it got me.  :/

 I *thought* I had pulled myself up from the boot straps before we even left Louisiana. Instead- I have made every wrong choice I could when it comes to eating. I have eaten wheat AND sugar in one form or another since I made that last post even though I told myself I wouldn't. I have "planned" on staying on track for the last 3 days and I haven't. Those damn wheat/sugar products sing an awful loud siren song when your not in the zone.

I was up about 4 lbs in La. on a foreign scale on what would have been my normal WI day. Up 3 pounds when I got home.  Up 1 pound a few days after getting home (Tuesday)  I claimed Tuesday as a WI day as I was scheduled to work on my next normal WI day (today). I decided I would kinda just go with a middle-ish ground between the two weeks. I admit to using fat girl rational so I only show a 1 pound gain rather than possibly higher. You would think I would use that to my advantage to have a awesome loss next week. So far it is fail on that aspect.

Hoping that publicly sharing this will help me make the right choices in the future days till it is a no brainer again. Not dumb enough to chronicle the things I have eaten (HAH!) I have the correct choices in the house/at work I just have to make the effort to reach for them. One small plus is I got in all my liquids today for the first time in umm over a week?  I am off to bed.  I get to sleep in tomorrow but I don't predict it working out as well as I hoped.  Husband is not feeling well and I am on kiddo duty till he feels better.


  1. I don't even want to get into how bad I've sucked this week .... but it's been a lot.

  2. Don't let your bad choices on vacay ruin the progress you've made so far. Look back on why exactly you made the choices you did and learn from the experience. Now get back to working it like you have been since the start of the year :)


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