Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ugh The "L" word

Well I made it to having an almost eight and a five year old before dealing with this.


I walked in the door at work to the phone ringing.  Turned off the alarm and looked at the caller ID to decide if I wanted to answer since I wasn't open yet.  It was A's elementary school.  Answered the phone only to be told that he needed to be picked up ASAP as he has live lice. EEKKKK!  I got a hold of hubby who went to get him. Hubby's eye sight sucks for details so he couldn't see anything to check.  I was stuck at work for 10 hours so there was nothing I could do.  Told hubby to turn up the hot water heater and start washing things.

Fast forward to 7 pm and I hop on over to CVS armed with ideas on what I wanted to try before I go chemical route.  As of right now I'm working with tea tree oil and experimenting with dish soap. Yeah I know sounds wacky as hell but I figure I have nothing to lose.  Tea tree oil shampoo treatment and then the search began for those little buggers.  I felt like I was flea combing a animal with those lice combs.  When ever I found one I would dunk in into hot soapy water and it would sink and drown. The tea tree shampoo killed some but a few were still alive.  The soapy water worked instantly so I figured what the heck and he got a second wash in Dawn. By that point I had combed out the lice anyway so I don't know if it got anymore but it was worth a shot. (Yes, I know it can dry his scalp) The the nit picking out began.  Ugh! What pain in the ass that is! They are so tiny and the comb doesn't catch them all the time.  B. only seems to have eggs so his was caught early.

After the kids were settled I ran the comb through my hair and found one.  EKK!  Shower with the shampoo then Dawn and I couldn't find any others. I don't know about eggs since hubby cannot see.  So I will just have to do this daily till the boys are cleared up.  (If this doesn't work I will go medicated) Hubby combed and didn't find any but he will still be treating.  He uses lots of gel so that might be his saving grace.

I am off tomorrow so lots of stuff to do.  The beds have been taken care of but that is it.  It is also weigh in and I hope for a lower number than last week.  Of course the pepper, onions, and fajita sausage I just had for dinner might not help that but what can ya do. I didn't eat all day from stressing over being at work while my kids were infected with bugs so I was hungry.

Now I am off to go read your blogs and see what you all have been up to. :)


  1. Eeek!!!

    My girls have both had them from time to time, both have long hair, Maddie's used to be waist-long and seems so long ago now that they're both in high school...

    I tried everything and always got them all out but at the end of the day it's about the group/class...unless *everyone* in the class gets all their lice removed, then everyone else will keep getting them on their's like a vicious cycle.

    Good luck.

  2. Bugs freak me the eff out. Especially the kind that use us humans as hosts! No thank you!! I will die a million deaths if my girls ever get lice because the bug hater side will want to pour every lethal treatment directly on their scalp while the mommy side will probably have to go the same route as you so their poor skin doesn't get damaged in the process. I am not jealous lady but ((hugs)) I totally feel your pain

  3. After a couple of bouts with lice, I started combing my girls' hair with a lice comb every morning before school and every afternoon when they came home from school. The after school combing saved me a LOT of headaches.

  4. What lousy news! (Sorry for the awful pun, but I couldn't help it)

    Back in the day, my elementary school, not just the class but the whole school, had lice checks every so often especially since the re-infection rate can be high. Mine had a field day on my head and my brother even had a couple in his eyebrows!

    The next few weeks won't be fun, but you'll all get through it. Wishing you all the best!

  5. Ughhh yep I hate lice too ... infact any creepy crawlies!! Feel for you with this .. .yucky! Lice is seen as such a dirty thing but infact they only like to live in clean hair, so don't take it personally. Good luck in your treatment to get rid of them


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