Sunday, August 2, 2015

Random pointless update

Summer is almost over here for the boys and hubby. I love the sleeping in and no alarms on my day off. I am soooo not a morning person at all.

I have been busy working at home in my free time. I found a legitimate work at home thing that pays like absolute poop but hey it is still extra moola. The plan is to keep up with in and use the money towards Christmas or whatever else comes up. I would love to make this a debt free Christmas.

The kids have figured out there is no tooth fairy (Whoops Mom forgot)
A. pretends to believe in Santa and B. is still clueless. A. asked me about him last year and I told him only kids that believe get presents so he believes. Haha

Okies pointless update made.  I should be back in a few weeks with a really good update. :)


  1. Summer is officially over here on Thursday! I am already dreading those alarm clock mornings. They are lots of great "real" work at home jobs out there!

  2. John doesn't go back to school until September 8th. It's been easier than I thought it would be having him not so summer school this year. He actually lets me sleep during the day (though not as long as I would if he was in school). I think he likes having the house "to himself" while I snooze away ;)


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