Monday, February 13, 2017

Rough weekend.

I'm really not sure why I am bothering to blog. Blogging isn't fun anymore. Once upon a time it was a magical world to me. Where a bunch of us kept up with each other and commented on each other's posts. Now it is a big Ole empty world of random click bys.

I am frustrated. Frustrated that many others doing the "same thing" as me and losing fast while I am not. But then I sit back and realize that 8 lbs in 6 weeks really isn't bad. It just isn't the 20 lbs that Sally Jo took off in 4 weeks.

Of course I know damn well I am not eating and drinking as efficiently as I can. So I try any remind myself that. I had a really rough weekend this week. I busted my ass at work and adding that with these feelings made me want to let go.

I'm trying to keep my nose above water and not give up. I think I am over the super rough waters and am leveling back out again. Time will tell.


  1. There is no failure except in no longer trying... Whatever you've lost is a win; it doesn't matter how long it takes. My body loses weight painfully slow and gains in a minute. I've lost about 10+ lbs since October. I have no grand expectations, but what I know is that if I lose 3 lbs / month I'll be at goal in December. Where will you be in December? Don't give up!!!

  2. I am having a hard time finding my groove as well, but please hang in there!

  3. Not counting all of my bookish stuff, of course:
    Besides you I really don't read anyone else's blog ... nor do I really expect anyone to read mine. I'm writing for myself and I'm doing this for myself and anyone who thinks I'm not doing it fast enough or "on track" enough can feck off. I've never lost quickly. I'm a damn yo-yo even when I don't cheat. If I give up, though, I'm that much closer to being a dead yo-yo.

  4. Keep getting to your root causes. It took me many years to uncover the root causes of my obesity and binge urges. There were many things to unravel and I yo-yo dieted for 40 years.

    Key thing is I didn't give up.I did look back at my successes in the past, knowing I was going through menopause in the present, then I was able to get out of my own way.

    Here's to only implementing tools that you know work and not going back to the old stuff that keeps you stuck. It's hard, but thats what growth is. Hard. The rewards are worth it.

    The folks who have lost the most weight, keeping it off, are in certain groups. If you want suggestions, I have many that span the whole spectrum of food templates, not just one. Let me know if you want a list. I can make a comprehensive one with links.

  5. I've been "on" Weight Watchers for years - I made lifetime in 1999 and kept that off for years until my husband got sick and 40 pounds crept back over the years. He passed away two years ago, but I like you was lost about how to handle this new life I had now that I was no longer a caretaker and wife.

    I recommitted to WW December 26. I realized no amount of pizza and wine was going to numb my grief, and that I had to start living my life. I ditched my beloved wine (I've only had wine 4 times since Christmas!) and I am down 15 pounds. I look forward to waking up, even if I am alone, because life is to precious to be weighed down by your past.

    Sending big hugs your way!


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