Wednesday, July 3, 2013


So as you know I am working on this whole 5000 steps a day thing that I have set for myself. I realized if I put my laptop on the dresser I could walk in place while I read your blogs and gain some steps. THIRTY MINUTES I did this today. I kept meaning to check my step count and see how I was doing but I kept surfing blog after blog instead.  Finally after thirty minutes of walking in place (in which hubby had gone out and completed an outdoor run and come back) I looked down to see what my count was at.  Any guesses?

It seems that my walking in place didn't trigger the fitbit to register steps.  GRRRRR  Lots of walking around the house and I hit my 5k steps today again. Four days in a row now I have gotten 5k (min) steps. Just to show you my normal step here is the earndit summary for last week.

  • Fitbit - 3423 steps on Thu 6/20  (Visited Aunt and Uncle in Alabama)
  • Fitbit - 4577 steps on Fri 6/21  (In car driving home from vacation)
  • Fitbit - 2886 steps on Sat 6/22 
  • Fitbit - 1334 steps on Sun 6/23 
  • Fitbit - 1874 steps on Mon 6/24 
  • Fitbit - 424 steps on Tue 6/25   (did not wear- was at a water park)
  • Fitbit - 2580 steps on Wed 6/26 
  • Fitbit - 1077 steps on Thu 6/27 

You can see that my normal step counts are very low so this 5k a day is very big for me. :)

No set plans for tomorrow. Maybe the water park- Will decide that tomorrow. Hubby is running in the annual 4 on the 4th race tomorrow morning that he adores. The kids and  I will be sleeping in.  :)  

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  1. Don't get too frustrated with the Fitbit, you know how hard you're working! If you 're getting in a hour of walking a day, it should equal about 5K.
    Have a great 4th of July!


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