Friday, July 5, 2013

My husband is a BLEEP!

Fill in your word of choice for when your husband/significant other does something that does not help your path towards weight loss.

 Husband ran the 4 on the 4th I mentioned yesterday morning. He texted me when he was done asking if he should bring home donuts because they went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. I reply back to him saying none for me but maybe 2 for the boys. Proceed on to about a hour later when he arrives home.  With SIX donuts!! @@  Then he leaves them on the kitchen counter in my view along with the boy's half eaten ones because they didn't like the stars and stripe jelly filled ones. Ugh!  I put the half eaten ones in the box and then put the box up above my eye level to try and stop the thoughts about them.  That worked and I was able to ignore them.

My weigh in was less than stellar. Little bummed about it but as in what seems to be a pattern around here I found more *new* pants that fit. These are some size 18 just my size capris I got from Walmart well over a year ago for about $2.00 each. (I scored TONS of clothing in 1X sizes that trip from $1.00 up even though they didn't fit- so that is what is starting to fit now) I pair of size 20 khaki capris now fit that hadn't this whole time.  My next *to fit into* will be size 18 shorts that I bought like 4 of for $1.00 each. My issue is my pannus with the buttoning as always. :/

My five thousand steps a day is going very well.  Most nights you will find my pacing up and down the hall to get those final steps in. I posted the last email stats so I shall post the newest one I got tonight.

  • Fitbit - 1101 steps on Thu 6/27 
  • Fitbit - 1873 steps on Fri 6/28 
  • Fitbit - 1637 steps on Sat 6/29 
  • Fitbit - 5013 steps on Sun 6/30 
  • Fitbit - 5075 steps on Mon 7/1 
  • Fitbit - 5307 steps on Tue 7/2 
  • Fitbit - 5181 steps on Wed 7/3 
  • Fitbit - 5135 steps on Thu 7/4 

Yeah me!  LOL


  1. Ugh sorry your husband did that- maybe he doesn't understand the importance? That you meant ECAXTLY what you said?

  2. Good work on the steps.

    Are you comfortable talking to your husband calmly about the doughnuts. It's a huge sign and I'll bet if you explain it "I feel sad when there's trigger food around. Would you be willing not to bring that food into our house or have it at another time? Thank you, it means a lot to me" something like that.

    You can do this with sabotage, but it's easier without. Plus the spiking of the bloodsugar/insulin isn't the best for ANYONE in the family.

    I know how hard it is. My daughter used to eat a doughnut every week after church.

    Now, the best place for a doughnut is the trash with coffee grounds poured over. Good luck and stay strong.

    1. He felt he was safe because the donuts were *his* HAHAHAHA If only his skinny self could understand how stuff like this effects our minds.

  3. What a coincidence, I just put up a similar post. I agree with Karen. After binging on the 4th of July, I had to sit my family down and have a serious talk with them about how important this weight loss journey is to me. There are certain foods that I don't even want to look at. So far it's working. By the way, great job resisting those donuts. I know that wasn't easy.

    1. It wasn't easy when they were in my face. Once I moved them it was almost smooth sailing. You know how when you can smell something it effects you?

  4. That's rough. My man does that sort of thing once in a while... with bags of chips and other treats. I can live with some of that crap for a day or two max, as long as he puts them on the high cupboard where I can't reach, even with the step stool, because I'm a short-ass LOL We usually then sit down and talk... he'll usually say that he thought I was doing better and he thought it was ok now.

    1. He knows my triggers and that they are NOT ALLOWED in the house. Some things I can totally ignore. BBQ chips Whatevs sour cream and cheddar chips Oh hell noes! LOL

  5. Hi Mrs. Swan! Your husband--A long lost relative of my husband??? My hubs brings back a dozen donuts for 4 people! Argh!!! He says the dozen is the "special." I say "Specially fattening, that is!" :D

    I also get some super good clothing deals at Walmart. And the jeans fit so well there--and I need little bit longer jeans, which they have.

    :-) Marion


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