Sunday, July 28, 2013

The month is almost gone

Well there went July pretty much. It happens every year though. With so many family/friend birthdays this month it always flies by to me.

I have been under tremendous personal stress for the past week and a half. My eating has been on plan but I have said goodbye to my 5k steps a day goal. (I made it through half the month which is more than I thought I would to be honest) It was either emotionally eat to soothe myself or stop the steps. I chose to stop the steps. I am not even sure where my fitbit is to be honest. :X

This personal conflict is not solved but it has been beaten into submission for now. I am trying to make the best of the situation and just grinning and bearing it. I am however working on back up plans so that when this problem arises again I can leap and pray the net appears. I am not giving to much info because this is a public blog. If your really curious your welcome to email me. While they rarely read this blog a particular person has a link to my blog and I am not ready for them to know of my plan yet.

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  1. I understand on feeling super-stressed and wanting to keep it more private. I am really proud of you girl for staying on plan still. Like you, I have had to put exercising big time on hold a bit. We take it as it comes even if it isn't always easy eh? :)


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