Sunday, July 14, 2013

How old are you now?

My itty bitty booger turned 8 years old today.  sniff, sniff

Oh and I turned umm (does math) 36? Hmm I thought I was already 36 but the math doesn't lie. Yes, I seriously do not know/pay attention to my age. It may seem weird but it just isn't something on my radar. Wow, that means my brother is going to be 42 soon. (In a week to be exact)

Today is basically a lounge around the house day. Friday night was all about me and Saturday was about him.

  • Friday night hubby stayed in with the boys and I was taken out by my brother for sushi. Yum! There might have been some sugar free self serve frozen yogurt involved as well. (Cheesecake flavor and sliced almonds)
  • Saturday as you know we went to one of the many springs near us. We are in Central Florida and there are tons of them around here but I had never been to any of them. The closest I had been was the KP hole at Rainbow River which is a awesome four hour tube ride down a lazy river. However that isn't small child friendly. 
We went with a online friend of mine and her family. Her and I met on an old AOL July 2005 message board. Her family moved here like 5 years ago for her husband's job. It took us like 2 years to meet because we are lazy. LOL  We finally met and get along quite well which is nice. Her girls and my boys really enjoyed hanging out. The water is seventy two degrees year round. Buuurrrr!!  We ended up leaving just after 4 pm when the dark clouds started rolling in. Perfect timing to get out of the water as the rain started when we were all loaded and in the car. We came home to shower then met my brother/lil sister/ and her hubby in town for dinner.

Then I spent the evening looking through old family photo albums that my stepfather scanned onto CD for us many years ago. The boys had killed my copy so I requested my brother make me one of his and he did. Well really my sister's hubby did- two copies. One for me and one for me to send the aunt I visited last month. There are pictures on there of her and my uncle that I never would have know were them but for meeting them.

Hubby/the boys/ my inlaws went above and beyond and gifted me with a GC to a local day spa. Yeah! I have always wanted one of those. My sister drew me a picture of a swan. My mommy sent a check (thanks mommy!) my brother got me a swan shirt. Pleasantly surprised as usually my mom and inlaws are the only ones to remember my birthday.  Everyone else forgets that A and I share a b-day. LOL

A few pictures for you:

My three boys! Love them

I don't know why the face is a little blurry in the picture. Maybe how I was holding it.


  1. Totally kewl day!! I love the pics! I would love to go to a natural spring one day. Happy Birthday to U! :) xo

  2. Happy birthday to kiddo! Looks like fun!

    1. Cold but fun :) Next time more floating stuffs

  3. Cutest kids!

    Happy birthday to you and your "itty bitty booger." LOL! The names we call our turkeys, eh? I hope he has a most fabulous bday, but he already looks like he's livin' it up! I hope you guys enjoy every second of your special day.

    Have fun with that spa GC and send us pics of your masked face with your little cukes on your eyes. ;)

    Gotta love cheesecake fro-yo with almond slices. YUM!

    1. Now to decide if I want two pedi's or a massage. LOL Thanks!

  4. What an awesome weekend! And happy birthday to you and itty bitty! :)

  5. That's a beautiful beach and picture! Sounds like a great weekend. :)

  6. Happy b-day to you and your lil man. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  7. I thought I said HBD .. but maybe not? At any rate - Happy Birthday! :)


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