Thursday, July 11, 2013

Twas good

I had a full post planned for today.  I even wrote most of it by hand out earlier this afternoon.

However I am tired and don't feel like typing it all up now.

I will leave you with an updated ticker though. :)  Twas still good this morning.

I must say goodbye to (or duct tape hmm) my most favorite pair of pants. The size 18 jeans that currently fit. Ones that are not super tight but not looking like they are about to fall off either. (Like those weird L4 jeans) In their place thankfully I have those 2 new just my size capri's, the khaki capri's and some other utility khaki thin material pants. It is kinda mind f'ery that the latter two are size 20's but I just ignore that. Oh, also many pairs of work out/yoga pants as well. I am scared to count them all honestly.


  1. There will be another favorite pair of pants in your future!

    What happened to your favorite pair? Duct tape to fix them or to hold them on your slimming body?

  2. I also collect a lot of pants in various sizes so you are not alone. I could open up a store of my own! :)

  3. Don't worry about sizes too much because every manufacturer seems to use different measurements for sizes. I have two dress pants, a size 14 petite and a regular size 20 that have exactly the same number of inches on the waist! Crazyiness!

  4. Size 18. Aaaaaah. Someday (for me). Enjoy your new pants!


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