Friday, April 26, 2019

Easy Container Gardening with a kiddie pool.

On March 10th I started the kiddie pool (or baby pool) garden.

 I was inspired by my Mother's kiddie pool garden pictured below.

I knew I had an old pool in the garage. I also knew my daughter would ADORE a kiddie pool. I decided to use the old one for this garden idea and buy her a new one. It worked out perfectly as the old one had stress cracks in the edges so it would have slowly leaked water anyway.
One trip to Lowe's later and I had my supplies.
  • 2- 40lb bags of potting soil (only used 1) 2 for $12
  • 4 small plants on sale 2 for $5
  • 2 medium plants $3.33 each
Total of $30.66 with tax as I already owned the pool (Pools are usually about $8 this size)
I ended up with 2 pepper types, 3 tomato types, and one broccoli plant.
  • Green bell pepper
  • Hot banana pepper
  • Lieutenant broccoli
  • Little Napoli tomato
  • Husky cherry red tomato
  • Super sweet 100 tomato
Below you will see my garden. The only care that we have shown it is daily watering. I have backyard chickens therefore it is easy to water the garden when one is dealing with the gals.

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