Thursday, April 18, 2019

Summary of the last few years.

Don't you hate it when you write a note to yourself that makes no sense a day later!?

Yeah... That would be me right now this second. 🤣

I guess I should give you all a quick summary for any that have just found me.
Married for almost 16 years. 3 kiddos- well 4 if you count the hubby- and you should.

Homeowners for almost 16 years.  You would think that we would be half way done with our mortgage right? Nope. We refinanced to pull out cash, not once, but twice. DOH!
We have about 19 years to go.

We never should have been able to buy a house. We should have lost our house many years ago when the market crashed. Thank goodness I was a member of a money saving board online back then on AOL. I made sure that we did not get a mortgage that was above our means. I am so thankful I was smart enough to do that at least or we would have lost our home for sure. The company that caused the crash is literally who we bought our house from.  We bought under what we were approved. To be honest our interest rate sucks but our debt to income is to high to even think about refinancing to lower it. So we just putter along.

Husband was laid off around 2010. He had landed a job in the horse insurance industry through a temp agency and he HATED it so he was happy with lay off. He took time off to job hunt but with a baby (middle kiddo) it just wasn't worth paying for daycare.

 He decided to go back to school. PELL Grants paid for everything since our income was so low. We took out student loans to help counteract his lack of income. We just figured we would deal with everything later . Well he kinda did some flip flopping and ended up changing majors multiple times. He was in school for seven years till he walked away. He got a job like 9 months later and has been there since.

 He is a paraprofessional for a local High School. He LOVES it! I just wish he had found this path sooner. He has had the opportunity to step up and become a teacher 3 times now in the year and a half he has been there. However, one needs a Bachelor to teach in our state. Hence, why he is back in school.

I work full time as a Area Manager to a office/retail type environment company. I do a lot of traveling to the various locations under me. This year makes 13 years with the company.

Just some simple background on me and my fam.

I have been blogging for years about my want to lose weight.

Obviously, I have not been super sucessfull. 

I am determined to be sucessfull about weight loss, debt loss, and clutter loss here in 2019.

Reader question:
How many years do you have left on your mortgage?

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