Sunday, April 14, 2019

Financial check up

 February is the month that I gave myself a financial check up. I stopped being the ostrich with my head buried in the sand and faced it ALL.

 I admit, I am still hiding out from hubby's student loans but everything else is on the table.
I eagerly awaited late February for our tax return. I had dreams of paying off debt. However, due to robbing Peter to pay Paul over the last several months the majority of our taxes went to catching up on bills and paying off 2 small high interest loans. Ok fine. Full disclosure. 2 payday loans. I started reading about Dave Ramsey and decided to try and start to follow some of his Baby Steps.

I intended to sit on as much of our taxes as possible as hubby works for a High School and has summers off. Which equal no 2nd income for three months. I was able to set aside $1000 of our taxes to complete baby step 1. I was so pleased with myself! I was able to catch everything up AND set aside that money! (Insert Cabbage Patch dance)
Whoo hoo! Right? Well then hubby got into a little fender bender. Goodbye $500 deductible and $173.25 for ticket. As well as $25.00 for traffic school. Yeah. That hurt. Thankfully I had it in reserve and we didn't have to take out another payday loan.
Hubby is back in school for his Bachelor. He wants to be a teacher. That is partly why my head is in the sand. Because more loans. (Disclaimer: Dave Ramsey is 1000% against student loans I am aware)
We received money back from this semester which is creating BS1 again but with interest I know. Le sigh. So I cannot claim that we have completely stopped using credit.
I can claim that we have not used any credit cards in 2 months though. ๐Ÿ˜ I am uber proud of that tidbit.
I can tell you that since I actively took control I have paid off 2 CREDIT CARDS!!
Yaasss! We only have 19 more to go! Yes, you read that right. We have 21 credit cards. ๐Ÿ˜ณ Seven years of 1 income will do that to you.
This is where we currently stand. I say in my last post that I am -ISH. I guess I could say wannabe as well. Basically I am loosley following DR principals (ish) while eating low carb (ish) and decluttering (ish) my space.


  1. Girl, I feeeeeel you on all of this! It is so hard to dig out of a financial hole but I know it can be done. It takes time and patience, and I am way short on the latter. I want out of debt NOW! :)

    1. Meeee tooo but it is going to take forever.

  2. (This is Jill from Sassypear blog btw.) :)

  3. Great job paying off the two credit cards! I am trying to dig out of debt, and I feel so accomplished when I get something paid off. My husband also recently had a car accident, so we had the same joy of the deductible...and increased car insurance, ouch!

    1. We got lucky. He actually cut off a motorcyclist last yr. Thankfully the guy wasnt hurt but our insurance paid out max policy amount. We have accident forgiveness then. Now we do not. I'm terrified of what August brings.


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