Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Autumn Sunrise

Kiwi's breeder will no longer be breeding. Her homeowners insurance keeps getting cancelled and they say it is due to breeding. She is looking for homes for a few of her adult breeders. One of them happened to be Kiwi's mommy.  

Darker is Kiwi. Autumn is the lighter one.
Meet Autumn! She is six years old and is the newest addition to our family. :) She will be fixed just as soon as I get an appointment made. I wasn't planning on getting another dog. In fact I actually turned one down last week that was offered to me free from a "designer mutt" breeder. (6-7 lb M schnauzer/poodle) I told her we were just going to stay a 3 dog family. Whoops!  I lied it seems. 

I feel like it is fate that we were able to get his mommy. She has the same sweet, calm persona he does. Hers is a bit of a chub chub so we have to work on that. (16 lb mini dachshund) It admit that when I have a nose in my face I cannot tell them apart. She is a fatty but Kiwi is no skeleton himself (11 lbs) 

All the other dogs have accepted her with open noses. (All the better to smell you with my dear!) They do want to smell her more than she wants to be smelled but she doesn't get aggressive. She just backs away from them. She is turning out to be a little mommy's girl. I thought she was going to jump in the tub when I was in the shower earlier. 

The kids are thrilled to bits that we have Kiwi's mommy. They are asking for his Daddy now but I draw the line there. LOL All of Kiwi's tigger bounce is from his daddy. He doesn't walk across a bed, he hops like a rabbit. Her poor little fattness actually waddles on the bed and floor. 

I am pleased that I was able to get more accomplished today in the kitchen. I didn't sleep very well last night so I was up bright and early plotting out my attack. Thing I should have done years ago but didn't. I have vacation the end of March scheduled and I want to re-pain the kitchen then. Umm yeah it might have not been pained in 10 years. :X  See what so many years of being fat and mentally unhappy translate into?  For now a few quick fixes that already make me feel better. 

I need to scrub the bottom of the top one with bar keepers friend but I am pleased with how it looks in general. Decorative and functional is a win/win to me.

Look at them similar faces.

Please ignore the dog hair covered couch with slash marks. The white lines were made by B not even two weeks after we bought the couch. @@ He cut the fabric with child safe scissors. They are not cushions that you can flip so we just don't use that section.  (Autumn is the one on top in both pics)

This is Maggie. This is Maggie cozy. 

Last thing here is just a kinda creepy picture I took of the backyard the other night. I let the dogs out and it was like the backyard was blanketed in fog. 


  1. Congrats on the new dog - glad she is working out so well! It was really foggy here this morning, which is always strange to me here in Florida....

  2. Love the name Autumn ... a great addition to the family.

    All the best Jan

  3. Aaawww what a cutie :) You must have fun taking them all out for walkies!


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