Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Roller Coaster

What a roller coaster my day has been.

I woke up with Happy by Pharrell Williams playing in my head.

I made a few phone calls and then headed up into town. Picked up three comfortis pills for the pups. The fleas have been horrible this winter.  I thought they were supposed to DIE in the cold. UGH.  Then I hit up PetSmart for a new perch. Then off to Target to walk and browse. Target has a large portion of TV's on sale and cartwheel has an extra 10% off this week. Hubby has been begging for a larger TV for years. I feel like we have already blown the roof fund by the time all the little purchases have been tallied. (Vet for Buddy and finally paying Peter off after a year of robbing him) I caved and got hubby a new TV. I am pleased with the deal I was able to score on it with the sale and cartwheel app.

I took his new baby home and was here for two hours when the urge hit to go my hair done did hit. I have been wanting to for a few weeks now. I printed my coupon for the current Ulta sale and headed into town. I hate spending that much for a wash and cut but I was very happy with my last hair cut which I got there. They had no room for a walk in. Poo! So I used my coupon and got their version of the Clarasonic. Since I spent over $19.50 I got the free gift. My justification was that I will throw out some of my older stuff. (Am I the only one that has a hard time parting with makeup? I don't wear it that often so I hate tossing it)

I then went to Walmart and I felt almost frantic with the want of a haircut.

 I told myself to CHILL OUT! That there was obviously something else going on and I needed to figure it out. I could have made it into the Walmart salon but I knew I probably wouldn't like it so I should just wait. I them walked around the store and decided I needed help. Help in figuring out what the hell was going on with me.  Was it Buddy? What it something else? I texted cousin Jewel (She has her own blog now! Hit her up) for help. Just after I sent the 2nd text to her Sending Out An SOS by The Police played in the store. Made me giggle a little.

I finally realized I was looking for happiness at Walmart. I had no desire to look for it in food which is a good thing. I wandered up and down many isles and in the end only ended up with a few things. Before I left I wandered through produce and as I walked by the cabbage and decided to get some it hit me. Jennifer  I had been thinking about her off and on a lot this month- especially with Buddy so near to the dates . My best GF died unexpectedly on February 14, 2006. She had a two year old girl and four day old twin baby girls. (Husband is a butt and her mom has custody of the 3 girls) I try and call her Mom on her b-day and her death date every year. I missed her b-day in August. I thought about her but just couldn't bring myself to call her mom the next day as I missed her actual b-day date. Then I totally forgot about calling on Valentine's Day with work and hubby spending the night out (will elaborate on that next post-all is fine) The reason the cabbage set me off is it is a food memory shared only with her. (Boiled cabbage in salted water) I bought a head of cabbage and will be eating that tomorrow after I call her mommy. Once I identified the issue I was having I felt so much lighter.

Speaking up that ticker is heading back down. I am happy with that weigh in being the time of month that it is. :)

I also had an epiphany while walking to the car. More on that tomorrow though. It is late and I have to be up in 4.5 hours.


  1. I have done that. I will be sitting around feeling anxious over something I cannot put my finger on. If I think it through it usually comes to me. THAT'S what I should be dealing with. I wonder how many binges in the past have come from this very situation. Now, I go on spending "binges" as well. I have read that sometimes people trade one compulsion for another. It's a process isn't it?

  2. Good for you for being able to identify what was happening!

  3. Trying to find happiness in shopping, check I've been there too. I'm still learning how to channel my emotions away from comfort eating, shopping, and lazy tv watching. Glad you're making progress on the scale :)


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