Monday, February 24, 2014


Sunday morning we woke the kids up at 8:30 am. We told them we were going somewhere cool but it was a surprise. On the two hour drive I told them it would be fun AND they would learn. They were not so sure about that part. LOL        

Museum of Science and Industry is where we went. We lucked out in the fact that all tickets and memberships were 20% off. Gotta love a unexpected discount! We then spent a few hours exploring the museum. We watched the Shark IMAX movie on FL's only IMAX Dome theater. Then we went to the wonderland of IKEA. Quick trip through there to see what kind of trouble to could get into. Picked up a few things for the house. Dinner was Red Robin YUMMM! I have to say that it was NOT yumm and I need to email them tomorrow. 

I have pictures of course but they are on the camera and I am not feeling the upload love right now.

 Day off today and I have been busting my chops in the kitchen most of the day. I gave the counter top items a complete overhaul. I had to find a place for my Keruig. LOL  Hubby listed up our Breville juicer today. A friend of a friend will be buying it tomorrow for $100. We paid $120 for it so I have no complaints about that amount. 

I am off tomorrow too and then a icky stretch of 6 days to follow. Work wife is due to close on her house on Wed. so a schedule juggle ensued. I foresee lots of laundry in my future tomorrow.


  1. Museums of S&I are always the best! Great job, mom an dad!!!

    Sorry Red Robin served you a bad meal. I love their food.

  2. My grandchildren visited the Science Museum in London during half term week and had a fantastic time so definitely well done to all mums and dads everywhere who take time to go out with their kids and share time. It's not always easy to find time but it's always appreciated.

    BTW I like your new hair do you posted up recently.

    All the best Jan


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