Sunday, February 2, 2014

Second verse different than the first.

I set my alarm for this morning (EWW on a day off even!). This morning I took Buddy to get all that hair shorn off. I told them to cut it all off. I didn't want the schnauzer cut or anything like that. A whole new dog lurked under all of that hair. They felt that he would be a different color under all that hair. They said his face seemed sun bleached. Goodness I wonder how much time he spent outside if that is the case.

Hubby left on his 20 mile training run and I planned what to work on for the day. I was just getting started with the dishes and laundry when I got a phone call. Hubby hurt his ankle 10 miles into his run. I had to stop everything and go pick him up. Then we hit Publix and I realized how uncomfortable my knee was. My left knee has been feeling weird since we started this 90 day thing. I don't know how to describe it. Very tight feeling might be the best way. Sometimes it goes down into the top of the calf as well. We all know this plan is technically above my fitness level according to the web site. I am calling it a rest day again because I don't want to hurt myself. I have been working out on it feeling off but today at Publix it was like it wanted to buckle. It didn't, but it slightly gave out twice so that means rest and see how it is tomorrow. My fellow blogger Karen was worried about me doing this 90 day plan. I told her I would be fine as I would modify and I wouldn't do anything stupid to hurt myself. Stupid would be working out on this after the slight buckles today.

Of course I am costing myself shinys as she would call them. After she realized how hard headed I am about doing this she dangled a carrot in front of me. Complete 60 days of any program. 5 days a week with 2 rest days and she would buy me two new skins. Skins for what you ask? As you might know I have a gowearfit. They are a cousin to the bodybugg. Both are produced by body media. My strap has been broken and I have been to cheap to to spend the $12 to buy a new band (not to mention the stupid monthly fee I didn't want to pay) I went a looking on ebay Monday and found a steal. I got a working budybugg with TWO straps and the digital display for $20.00. The skins would have been for the new bugg. Which happens to be the exact shape of my gowearfit as well.

Actually-  I am just going to call it. 

 I am putting a halt to the 90 warrior program.

 I think my knee will be ok as long as I don't over do it. I fear trying to stay above my fitness level will hurt it more. Therefore I am going to back pedal and change programs. I am the sole breadwinner and if I hurt myself the bills will not get paid. My eyes were bigger than my muscles it seems. :/

As of tomorrow I will be doing the 30 day beginner workout program. I think with the low impact that it should be doable with my knee as is.

Tonight's dinner was odd. I made nachos for the family but I didn't want to eat the chips. I figured I could put my meat on top of some kind of veggie and just eat with a fork. I ended up with frozen okra. Haha  I roasted it till it was nice and dry. It was OK.  I doubt I will be eating it that way again.

The first stage

HAI!  I feel better without all that hair weighing me down!!


  1. Wise move to back off something that is causing real pain/injury! :)

  2. Sometimes I think we do too much and take on a big work out plan because we want to see immediate results. At least that is how I am! This time around I am doing better with my baby steps. In yoga the theme is always, be kind to your body. I really try to remember this since it makes more sense than injuring myself by pushing too hard. Sounds like you have figured it out. Slow and steady is really much more realistic - even though we get frustrated. Thanks for the reminder! You might try an ibuprofen for the knee, for the anti-inflammatory effect.

  3. Glad you found a program that is a better fit for you!

  4. You've got to listen to your body and as Gwen said "wise move"

    Buddy looks amazing.

    All the best Jan

  5. I think you should stick with your lower impact program, it sounds good, but be sure not to do any deep squats of lunges for the next while. Hope your knee recovers soon!

  6. Shiny skin deal still stands, by the way. Physical injury is not the same as outright giving up. Silly girl.

  7. The pup looks good. Only you know what is best for your body... keep up the good work.


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