Saturday, February 15, 2014

Details on Tuesday.

As you can see my ticker to the right changed, in a negative way.

 After I dropped Buddy off at the vet Monday morning I went to the grocery store. I planned on buying the ooiest gooiest thing I could find in the bakery to comfort myself. I looked at all of the pastries, donuts, and cupcakes. I finally ended up with a box of little debbie star crunches. I ate half the box of them throughout my 10 hr work day. Excessive? YES. Did I give a flying fig? NO. I was hurting and I wanted comfort to soothe my soul. Why? Because I had a feeling things would end up like they did. 

During the initial visit the tech discovered he had no feeling in one leg. That combined with everything else was a bad sign. The Vet suspected a spinal disc issue. It turned out to be severe disc problems. The Vet felt it was best to let him go after he saw the extent of the damage on the x-ray when he didn't respond to any form of treatment. They even tried acupuncture to see if that would help any. 

Afterwards I headed up into town to wander around. I didn't want to go home yet. I went and wandered Target. Then I headed to Ulta to use a coupon. I popped into Old Navy to look around after debating if I should or not. Reason being is Old Navy only carries plus sized stuff online usually. I never find anything in that store and always leave grumpy about it. I immediately went to the clearance rack. I found a cute dress in the XL area that was a S. Umm no. LOL  Then I found a pair if black slacks that were size 14 @ $2.97 They looked big to me though so I took them into the fitting room. Umm they fit?  So me thinks Old Navy participates in vanity sizing.  At that price though I jumped on them. I couldn't tell what style they were and I didn't want to move the price to look under it lest they think I swapped tags. Reason being is I was pretty positive they were technically capris seeing as they are tall but fit to my ankles. LMAO At the register they rang up as blk bf chino.  When I got to the car I tried to look them up on the website but nada. I did eventually find boyfriend kahkis which I believe these are and they are capris as I thought. I wore them Friday to work with a black polka dotted shirt and pink long sock for V day.

I need to reinforce the button stitching though as I predict it will pop off soon. It isn't sewed on very well.


  1. So sorry about your dog but glad you got through the day with only half a box of star crunch. It could have been worse. Hope this week brings happy days and more bargain thrills!

  2. It's so rough losing a pet. I still tend to knee-jerk react with sugar soothers as well. I can only hope that someday, I can move past that when I'm in those moments. Good deal on the pants!

  3. I used to do that a lot. I'm very lucky in that when those feelings hit now I tend to prefer walking it off. That is lucky cuz I could down a bag of gourmet cookies and a huge Caramello when those feelings hit.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Hugs.

  5. Sorry again about Buddy - its hard, even when you know its for the best for them. Big hugs!


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