Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I feel


Why? Because I was super excited and pumped up to do the 90 day workout routine. I had hubby take starting pictures and I was really looking forward to some kick ass ending pictures. You know, like the ones people that do the P90x or Shred videos post. Things were going well till about Wednesday when I must have messed up my knee. Thursday was my overwhelmed day. Friday was the last workout I did from the program. My knee was hurting Thursday on but I thought it would be OK. I called it quits on Sunday after taking Saturday as a rest day and knowing my knee was not feeling better. I have continued to rest it and what a difference Sunday into Monday was. Monday into Tuesday it almost feels normal (now it feels like a standard sore, not a tweaked hurty version of sore) and I hope tomorrow it will be good as new.

 I figured out why I was in a fog Thursday and Friday. I took melatonin at like 1 am then was up at 6:30 am to get the kids up for school then back down for my 1 hr-ish nap. You would think it would have worked out of my system by the middle of the day but apparently not. Lesson learned! I really think I was up that late both nights from the working out at 8:15 pm.

I had a plan. I had direction. While I have a 30 day plan to follow now I am just not feeling the excitement like I did for the 90 day plan. Really though, 30 day is more my style. Hell 2 days is more my style. LOL  At least I made it to day 5 in the 90 day routine even if one was a rest day.

Ok, I feel better now. Sometimes blogging is like having a discussion with a therapist even if the therapist is yourself. 

I was off today and am off tomorrow as my Dad arrived today for a visit. He will be staying here tonight and tomorrow then off Friday morning to a Ham radio thing.

Good night my lovely ladies! Thank for reading and commenting. I appreciate the support bunches!!


  1. Totally get the blogging therapy. Most of the time I think that's only reason I have one -- because blogger is cheaper than an actual therapist <3

  2. Blogging can definitely be therapeutic. Take care of that knee:)

  3. You still have your plan and you still have direction. At the end of the 30 days, you'll have a great feeling of accomplishment, the best reward:)
    Have a nice visit with your Dad!

  4. Enjoy your visit with your dad!

  5. Definitely take care of your knee.

    And yes blogging is good .....

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  6. You could make a new plan, with just some lower impact fitness! I have issues with one of my knees also, I'm pretty sure I have a diagnosis of arthritis coming soon, so I know something high impact like that would really irritate it. Sometimes, even walking my three miles with irritate it. But, you can make a new plan and it will be just as great!

  7. Oh that's too bad. I know what you mean about losing the excitement. Try to see it as just a delay, not a complete stop. Rest up and heal that knee!


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