Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nine pairs.

Last night I put on a pair of flowy yoga pants that I haven't worn in a while. They felt looser to me. I checked the tag and they are Champion C9 (Target) XL. Add in the fact that those Old Navy pants were size 14 and it made me start to wonder if I had gone down any in jean sizes.

The main jeans I have been wearing are Merona size 18 boyfriend cut. They are to big and have been since I bought them. I was wearing really tight 18's when I tried them on months ago so they felt like heaven. LOL (and clearance!)  I figured I would add a belt and life would be good. I typically wear them with a more form fitted shirt since they are not pushing my gut up into my muffin top. I actually have pictures from that shopping trip but I never posted them. Ahhh I see why now. I just checked the time stamp and it was 10/06/13. My brother's medical saga began on October 12th.

Tight with much muffin.


This evening I asked hubby to come in and grab some jeans from the top of the closet for me. I wanted to try on the Old Navy 16's that I knew were up there. I wanted to see if they fit since they are about 13 years old. I know those are not vanity sized. Haha! There were 15 pairs of jeans/slacks up there. I tried on every single pair. I had a light sweat just from doing that! LOL

 All of the Old Navy size 16's that were up there (three of them) did not fit. Three pairs of Tommys and six pairs of others all in 16 did though. That means NINE* new pairs of pants!!! YEAH!! IN SIZE SIXTEEN!!!!

 (*Eight pairs are from a GF from HS who is a teacher that likes to dress up for school. She lost a lot of weight on phentermine and mailed me clothing she no longer fit into several years ago)

I pulled all the 18's out of my closet and replaced with 16's.

Now this is not the first time that I have made a similar post about pulling smaller sizes out from atop the closet. I want the next size I fit into to be 14's. Well really those Old Navy 16's because they are probably more like real 14's then today's versions.

Last time I wore size 16's I weighed 9 pounds less. Weird.


  1. My expensive size 18 jean shorts are rather loose now so I dug in the closet as well. I pulled out some shorter shorts that have been too small until now and I got them on comfortably. I was so happy to fit in what I thought were size 16 pants but in fact they were from a normal (not plus size) shop, so they were actually a size 18. Their sizes always run smaller. The plus size shops want us to feel better so I think they vanity size. Heck, in a plus size store I take an "extra small" for heavens sake.

  2. Wow, being in a 16 is awesome! I could hope to ever get into a 16!

  3. Congratulations. The reward of smaller sizes is so encouraging. We just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and staying with our lifestyle changes. It affects all areas of our lives when the self-esteem gets a boost. Take care.

  4. Good news! Hooray! When the pants fall off your butt, you know you are on the right track :D
    I keep measuring with a tape measure every so often because I really don't trust sizing anymore. I can currently fit in 5 pairs of dress pants and jeans in petite sizes 12 to 18. Manufacturers are nuts!

  5. I LOVE getting to shop in my own closet for new clothes! Some day I'll be able to do that .... some day ....


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