Thursday, January 17, 2013


I usually try not to talk so negatively of myself.  However I really have nothing else to call it.  When we were at Target yesterday I went into the handicap stall. Took off my shirt and started taking pictures.  The angle of the mirror makes a half body shot possible.  I just have a small one in my bathroom and I don't want to show off my 4yr old's wall art that must be painted over. (Things that happen when daddy is in charge ugh)

Love handles that overfloweth.  Upper shelf above the waist and lower apron. Lets not leave off the side boobs. The floppy arms and the lovely double chin. I know if I completely stripped and got a shot of my back thighs there would be much orange peel bumpage. That would be what these pictures show and what I live with everyday.  I will not be posting these photos because my parents read this.  It's one thing to show your fat to anonymous people. Completely different to show it to your family members.

Thank goodness I am doing well still.  Because if not I just might have to cry at what I see and can zoom in to see on these photos. Once I have pictures that show loss I will consider posting the originals to compare to the new ones.

On a brighter note my car is ready.  When hubby gets home from school we are going to load up the boys and go get it. I expect the car to be purring like a kitten with all the attention it got the past few days.  


  1. ouch! Definitely know how you feel!

  2. I'm about to take some pics this weekend and was seriously considering posting them, but I'm very reluctant. I was thinking about holding onto them until I have some after pics too... lol XD

  3. There are before pictures that I took for me that I would never post online no matter how small I get. :) I needed it to show me that I was changing, but I'm not sharing.

    How I felt in changing rooms was one of the biggest reasons for me to finally do something to lose weight. :(

  4. Someday you'll look at those pictures and be happy at how far you've come. But I definitely don't enjoy taking those kinds of pictures now...

  5. Good for you for taking those before pictures. It takes a lot of courage to do that but it will be so worth it one day!!


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