Friday, January 11, 2013

Wk 2 weigh in

This morning ended week 2 for myself and my coworker. As I said last I have been slacking on the water so I was kinda afraid. :/

-1 pound

I will take it!

 I am sure it would have been higher had I ingested my water like I was supposed to.  Today I have been on the ball with the liquids.  My day was good.  Then when I went to leave work my car wouldn't start so that made it BAD!  My super's hubby will be taking a look at it on Sunday.  So my car is spending the weekend at my job.  Hubby had to come pick me up after I finally got a hold of him.  I even sent him a facebook IM.  LOL  Thankfully we have a back up cell in the house and it was charged.  Only like 4 people have the number so he got up to check it and saw my number.  He was my Mighty Mouse.

I am off tomorrow and I had plans of stealing my sister for a few hours but she doesn't seem to be responding to my FB message.  I think my words might have upset her when I told her to look at her life from another perspective.  Long story that is not going up on the interwebz.  

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  1. Way to go on the loss!

    I hope your sister responds soon :(


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