Tuesday, January 22, 2013


That is what my fitbit finally gave me today.  I picked up B from VPK and we went to Target to walk around.  Usually my fitbit just says  :P Today at Target it actually said  :) to me. I was thrilled with the :) to be honest. LOL  While I was at Target I priced ipod shuffles.  We have 3rd gen nano's but last I knew hubby's wasn't working so he stole mine.  I thought mine might be ok but I wasn't sure.  Not in the budget anyway today for a shuffle but I pledged to look for the nanos when I got home. 

I did find room for a C9 pink jacket that was 70% off.  It makes me feel like one of the cool kids.  It has those little thumb holes in the cuffs I see various people wearing lately online. I kinda like that the zipper is off set as you can see here in the picture. This is what I got but not for the price it is on the web site. 


After I got home I dug out the ipods and charged them up.  I decided it was time to steal mine back and maybe if it worked, climb on the treadmill.  Mine still worked!  Yeahhh!  So I put on my jacket and went to walking on the treadmill. Hubby was home by then so I told him I was zoning out and turned up the volume.  

I ended up doing a slow mile in 25 minutes.  I am sure I could have pushed by why?  I pushed last year when I ran on the treadmill and I ended up hurting myself.  I had what I am pretty sure was plantar fasciitis last year after I did that treadmill run I was so proud of.  It plagued me for MONTHS and months off and on- just my right foot.  I really haven't worn sneakers much since then.  I tried buying another more supportive pair but I really have not worn them either.  Actually one is missing right now  @@  Silly kids/dog must have grabbed it.  

After the treadmill I had my :D  Which I believe is because I hit my first badge.  I received an email that I have earned my 5k step badge.

Dinner will be lean pork chops and whatever else I decide to make as a side.  Maybe some sauteed sweet peppers. I have some that need to be used soon.  


  1. I love my Fitbit, it is so motivating to get out and move. Cute jacket!

  2. Fitbit sounds fun!... Congrats on your :D


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