Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 19- WI 3

Meh!  My 3 days off went by way to quickly!!  Back to the grind today and what a odd day it was.  Lunch was a yummy cobb salad from Publix but neither my coworker nor myself were satisfied afterwards.  We both kept trying to graze.  I haven't really grazed at all so it was kind of freaking me out.  Was to much like a craving trying to find something else to shove in my pie hole.  Next time more food so I am satisfied and not wanting more more more.  I am a little weirded out by it because I had ham and seta out of the soggy greek salad and I was fine.  

Oh well- No major damage done.  I did splurge at dinner.  Your scared for me now aren't you?  No worries. Mashed potatoes and corn were the splurge.  Lots of veggies carbs in one night but WI is another week away now.  Still ignoring that bitch sugar in majority of her delicious junk forms. I will be content with the natural sugar that was in my corn.  :)

WK 3


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