Saturday, January 19, 2013

I played with myself today


I did it!   I played with myself.  At work even!  GASP!!!

No, you freaking perverts not like THAT.  

I played a game with myself.  My game helped me drink all of my water plus.  Maybe if you have a problem choking down your water this idea might help you too?  First bottle always goes down the easiest for me.  When my bladder made itself known from the first bottle. I chugged half of the second bottle.  When it was time to go again I chugged the 2nd half of second the bottle then refilled it before going.  Yes it is sorta silly but it worked well for me. It's the cycle that never ends- till you decide you have had enough.  I ended it at six 16.9oz bottles but anyone that knows me knows that is a HUGE accomplishment for me. HUGE!!

Today was a much, much better day as far as having the want to eat, eat, eat.  I actually wasn't even hungry most of the day so that helped a lot too.  Kinda feels like I am cheating when I say it was a better day because of that. But really any day that is on plan is to be celebrated right?

My steps were poop though.  I work in a fishbowl pretty much.  It is a specialty shop that the space I can walk in freely is literally 8 steps across from corner to corner vertical across the room. I did do lots of side steps (which fitbit zip doesn't count HMPH) Much flailing around in my version of dancing when a catchy song was on radio and I had no customers as well.  I could feel the burn in my legs several times today.  Not enough to be sore but enough for me to know that I was working them and that they need more work.

Side note:  My version of water is SF flavored, like Crystal Light and what not.


  1. That's awesome, I'm glad you found a way to get your water in!! I noticed that since I've been upping my water intake, I snack less... it's awesome!

    I like your game, maybe I'll play with myself too? HAHAHA :D

  2. Hehe - I giggled like an immature 12 year old when I saw this title!

  3. HEYYYYY! I just saw your comment on my blog. My e-mail didn't announce to me that you had commented and I just happened tp notice one more comment then I had remembered on that post and I was like HEY I KNOW HER! I missed this blogging community so much and this journey even more. I haven't been reading anyone and I felt so left out but now I'm back and I plan on going back in your archives and catching up! How have you been? I think it is great that you are still around. It is good to see a familiar face considering half the people I used to read no longer exist or exist under new names (like me) o.O We can do it this time, right?!?!? RIGHT!! :)

  4. that's an awesome trick to getting water, I'll have to try it!! I set an alarm on my Outlook that pops up every 10 minutes telling me to move around and DRINK :) I still find myself sipping and not getting quite enough some days though.


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