Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Need a shot of inspiration?

Here are three of my current *shot of inspiration* bloggers.  I have been going back and reading their archives and getting to know them from day 1.  I feel sad when I see so many posts with no comments.  So I have been starting to comment on them.  All three of them started out well over 200 lbs and they are all rocking their weight loss. Various methods of eating but one thing that is the same on all of them.
Lots of movement and exercise. 

Chubby at Chubby McGee
Kelly at CurvyFitGirl
Leigh at Poonpalooza

I have a lot of my older posts pulled off my blog.  I am embarrassed by them to be honest. Either they are half ass "attempts" or just plain horse shit.  I was successful for the last three months in 2009 and I did lose over 30 lbs *BUT* that was on a prescription weight loss pill.  I did do wonderful while on it.  Zero side effects and it just reacted really well with my body chemistry.  When hubby got laid off Feb 2010 we lost our insurance at the time. I started gaining back from stress and just not giving a flip. I half ass tried last year for my sister's wedding but I wasn't committed.


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  1. Aww, how sweet! Thank you for the shout out, much appreciated! :-)


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