Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where are the newbies?


If you wander on over to this here blog and I do not already follow you please leave me a comment. :) I am looking for new peeps to stalk um follow.  Part of blogging this journey is the knowledge that I am not alone.  I may not have the most flowy or motivating post out there.  I am honest however and love to read about other people dealing with the same things as me.  I do tend to go overboard with the run on sentences so if that is something that bothers you I am sorry but I cannot help that I just type away without adding a period and starting a new sentence. (Hehe)

If you find smiles or one word comments from me at times do not be alarmed.  I don't like seeing that 53 people read a post but not one person commented.  It makes me sad.  So I have decided I am going to start commenting a lot more on other people's blogs so that they know I read the post.  Yes you blog for yourself but it is nice knowing other people are "listening".

Eating was well on plan today.  I realized I had not had much veggie wise though so I made up with it for dinner.  I have many hard boiled eggies in the fridge.  So I took a few and mushed them up with some avocado and used celery sticks to eat like a dip.

I do have a cool picture to share but it is on my phone and my phone is dead.  BOO HISS!  Oh well- Now I know what to blog about tomorrow eh?


  1. I'm not new, but I'm here, reading.

    Oh wait, you already follow me, carry on.

  2. I'm new to your blog...feel free to follow me. I just started Weight Watchers again and started on my blog site again. See you there! :)


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