Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So far so good (Arachnophobes beware)

So far so good is how I would describe my first day off.

I haven't accomplished anything (laundry) physical but I have gotten the ball rolling on my car.  A shop is picking it up to look at it sometime today.  Got permission from my boss to borrow off of husbands financial aid that should be here next week from his grants. The college usually puts the date on the web site but for some reason hasn't this term. Hubby went to financial aid and there are posters on the wall saying the date next week. With me being the only one working supporting the house and a family of four that help is much appreciated.  Some kinda sorta found money was in the mailbox last night.  I knew it was coming but not when.  Refund of some of our escrow payments from last year.  Our mortgage was jacked up $89 a month last year.  Now that they have done a re-eval they dropped it this year and sent back a refund. I wanted to throw it at a bill or credit card but will probably be my car plus the borrowed money from boss man.

 I had stepped away from the laptop after typing the above. Hubby arrived home with B so I was off talking to them.  I also got a load of laundry going and a sink of dishes soaking.   Gigantic spider in the hamper.  Here in FL we have these lovery things.

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  1. I HATE creepy things. Almost as much as I hate car trouble:(


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