Sunday, January 13, 2013

Me petite? HAH!

By my height I am petite.
By my size I am NOT petite.

I cannot EVA EVA EVA remember feeling petite in my entire life!!  Granted that could be because I have been a chubbo pretty much my whole life but whateves.  So I should be a petite chick at 5'3 but yeah- we all know that isn't the case. I can touch my fingertips around my wrist so if I recall correctly that makes me medium boned at least.

My mom is 5'2 and my entire childhood she was a tiny little thing.  I have mentioned she ranged from 100 to 105.  She actually would shop for jeans in the boys section because they were cheaper. I remember being able to hug her and feel her rib cage.  She didn't diet or starve herself,  it was just natural to her.  I seemed to have gotten my daddy's genes.  The ones that make you get pudgy if your not constantly moving.

Are you petite?  Do you feel petite?  Have you ever felt petite?  Yes- I do wonder these things about my readers.


  1. I'm pushing 5'5" but I have a short inseam so typically end up in the petite section even if they say 5'3" and under....

  2. And no .... I've never felt "petite" ....


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