Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slap in the face

Anyone else have Alanis Morissette echoing through their head?

Yesterday evening I was feeling really good about my day.

My jeans that I had been wearing non stop are baggy in the thigh back and a little loose around the waist.  I decided to dig out the 2 pairs of 18's I have and see if they fit.  I found what I thought were the two pair, but they were both 20's.  I tried them on just to see how big they were.

One pair fit, the other pair did not.  I was kinda going HUH!? to myself.  I picked up the pair of 20's that I had been wearing. F^#E@%)(#@&#  They were size 22's.  DOH!

Looks like I have several more weeks to go until I can fit back into those 18's.  In the mean time I at least I have another pair of jeans to wear.  HAH!

No- I am not letting this get me down!!!

Right now I am aiming to lose 4 pounds in just over the next two weeks.  I received a reminder from a web site yesterday that I had used one time last year.  My last weigh in with the web site was 2/7/12.  I want to at least be the same (or under) what I was in Feb of 2012.

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