Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 28

Day 28 -  In just a few minutes I will be crawling into bed and heading off to dream land.  I worked today, and I will work tomorrow.  Then I will have 2.5 days of the wonderful freedom of being off.  It feels like I live for my days off lately.  :/

Exciting news!  We will be having a visitor come two weeks from now.  My Dad is coming to my part of Florida to attend a ham radio fest in Orlando.  He lives in FL as well but off the panhandle so he is about 6 hours away.  He will be arriving two days early so he can spend time with me and the family on his way. We haven't seen in in about 3.5 years.  Yeah!

Little bit of spending yesterday in all that shopping I mentioned yesterday. I have new pretty yellow kicks.
My runner hubby is so happy that I am now sporting his FAVORITE brand ever of running shoes.  I tried a different model of Brooks and am now the owner of a pair of Ravenna 3's.  Provided I still like them come friends and family discount time I will stock up on more at his 30% off rate.

 I actually have to go return 2 pairs of shoes on my first day off.  I hated spending that much on shoes for the ravs so I tried to talk myself out of it by buying two pairs of C9 (Target) shoes figuring that I will still be saving XX amount after I return the ravs. Then I tried all three pairs of shoes on the treadmill Saturday night (I had to walk 2k steps at home to hit that 10k steps mark yesterday) the ravennas were the best hands down. I figured hubby would be shouting from the roof tops about it.  He said he will wait to do that for when he can announce that I ran.  LOL

Side note- I forgot to update you all on Maggie.  She has a appointment this Thursday to get her teeth cleaned/polished and have a few teeth pulled.  She did soooo well at the vet!  We knew to socialize with other dogs but not people when she was a pup so she is skittish of people.  She actually went to a lady in the lobby on her own three different times for lovin. Amazing!!  (I had her on leash of course- the lady was calling her over and she went)

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  1. I need a good pair of comfy tennies... mine are almost worn through!


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