Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 16

I guess I should have let you know the post earlier was going to be a two part one.

 This blogging daily thing helps me stay focused. Instead of thinking about food. I just mentally plan my next blog post if I can.

 Day 16 and I am still going strong on this no sugar thing.  I need to come up with a better way to phrase that.  Maybe 95% sugar free?  I say that because I am still eating fruit and various condiments that have sugar in them.  I have not had any of the major white starches like pasta and what not.  I have had three servings of yuca.

Hubby is out at a school function so just the kiddos and I for now.  I had some yummy leftovers and didn't even finish them all.  I had green beans, acorn squash, and about half of my baked chicken boob.  I hadn't eaten much today so when I was trying to look for dinner I had those old feeling of just wanting to grab anything and chow.  I was able to tell myself NO and that I need to EAT- real food.  That after I eat I would feel so much better and not be wanting everything in the kitchen.  Well imagine that.  I have eaten and I don't want anything now.  I do admit I am having a touch of a sweet tooth so I will maybe finish those strawberries that are looking sad in the fridge.

Since hubbers put away all the holiday stuff that means my recumbent bike has made a reappearance.  We had a short meeting tonight.  For 15 minutes I spun the wheels chatting with the bike.  The stat counter claims 3 miles and 100 calories but I am not not believing it- sounds to high.  Although I just went to the spark people calories burned calculator and it says 212. Hmm   Weird.

My car is currently being fixed.  It wasn't as painful as I thought and I am having them do a tune up and brake job too.

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  1. Wow, looks like you're doing real well controlling your sugar! That's one of my BIGGEST struggles, but in the form of frappuccinos. Keep up the good work! I'll be following... :D


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