Thursday, January 3, 2013


 I stopped at the store to pick up a few things for myself that I wanted to add to my arsenal of tricks.

Coconut milk
Pre-made protein shakes
Rubbermaid drinks containers to help transport water to work
Cottage cheese
Zucchini (for dinner tonight)

I was able to 100% ignore all of the sugar/carb things that a nice chunk of the grocery store is made of- with no effort.  I went down a center isle for the coconut milk and the containers.  Shakes are over by the shampoo/meds around the front edge.  Then to the dairy around the back to the veggies/fruit then up the frozen food and to the check out.  Tonight, other than the things I specifically went in for those isle were just pathways to the rear of store.

Zero temptation from the naughty things the store offers. Can you believe that?!?   ZERO          

::shaking my bootie and doing the cabbage patch::

 I am still only just 4 days into this so of course I am in the honeymoon stage.  I was also pondering Chubby's recent post as well while I was shopping agreeing with her.  I hope that I am able to maybe read my post and Chubby's when I am feeling low and that it will make me remember the zero craving love that I am feeling.  I am eating, I am satisfied, I am now on day 4 of no added sugar. (Since I had that coffee on Sunday I am just going to kick it out as a day)  I say added because it is in just about everything it seems.  Although really the only thing I knowingly had that I can think of is the teriyaki sauce I used on our pork chops tonight and natural in that yuca.  I am also planning on throwing some pineapple in my cottage cheese tomorrow.

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