Monday, January 14, 2013



What a day!  My car decided to crap out on Friday night.  So it has sat at my job all weekend after my husband rescued me.  Super's hubby looked at it yesterday and thinks it might be the fuel pump.  He thought he might be able to get to it through an access hatch but he found out my car doesn't have that feature.  So now I have to get it towed somewhere to be worked on so it can be jacked up. With a bank account in the low double digits right now you can imagine how much fun this will be.  Ugh.  Then my coworker and I were short money at close.  Hubby answered a knock at the door of our house to a summons for me for next month. YIPPEEE!

 Annnnnd the cherry on top was me arriving home in hubby's car and thinking that the car was pulling a little right.  Well yeah, with a tire as low as it was I am surprised I didn't feel it more.  So I had to turn around and go back 7 miles into town to get air in the tire. I cannot have him go somewhere to get it patched because he will have to run B. home from VPK before his next class since my car is out of commission.

The only positive about this all is that I am not stuffing my pie hole right now with sugar.  Normally stress would make me want to eat and eat.  And then hide out because I stick my head in the sand when stressed.  Thankfully I had a yummy, yummy, yummy (did you catch that?- yummy) dinner planned so that helped a lot too.  I mean who needs to feel sad and eat sugar when your dinner will be teriyaki salmon, sauteed scallops, and thin green beans.  Sorry no picture for you to drool over.  :)

Day 15 and still going strong!  Oh, I also had a NSV today as well.  I packed lunch last night and I didn't think it through very well.  I put the salad dressing on my greek salad.  :(  You know where I am going with this huh?  I found the soggy mess this morning but still grabbed it.  Also one of the cara cara oranges we got at Sam's and my b-fast protein shake.  I left my water- that sucked.  Thankfully my hubby had a bottle of water in the car I just kept refilling at work.  Well come lunch time I discussed ordering out with my coworker.  I decided to just at least eat the feta and ham out of the soggy mess as a snack.  After I was done I realized I didn't need more food.  I just ate my orange and drank my water like a good little girl while she ordered Chinese.

I have the next three days off so I look forward to having some down time.

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  1. That's awesome that you found that just some of those bits out of your salad were enough :) and your dinner sounds delicious!


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